Pokémon Snap Nintendo Switch Update Bringing 3 New Areas

The new Pokémon Snap Nintendo Switch update is finally here and it is introducing 3 new beautiful areas with several new Pokémon. Here is all about the new update that the Nintendo Switch is bringing.

Pokémon Snap Nintendo Switch Release Date And Time

The release date of the Pokémon Snap Nintendo Switch Update is on August 3. And the time will be starting at 6:00 p.m. PT. Also, this is a free content update for the new Pokémon Snap for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite.

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Pokémon Snap Nintendo Switch Update

As said before the new update will unlock 3 new locations and several Pokémon, let us go into details.

Mighty Wide River (Day/Night)

The Mighty Wide River is a lush greenery location with a river and waterfall. The terrain here looks like a jungle but with a beautiful scenario. According to the Pokémon Snap Nintendo developer, the location represents the whole of Belusylva Island with sustenance. The island is full of resources and habitable to grow up the Pokémon who live there.

Mighty Wide River pokemon
Credit: The Official Pokémon

So you have to explore more as you go through the river because a lot of Pokémon will show up and all you need to capture your moment with Pokémon. The new areas mean new habitable places for new Pokémon. So obviously you will get to see several new Pokémon.

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Here you can see Phyduck which is completely new in the Pokémon Snap game. Then cannon, Quagsire, Tropias are eventually catch your eye. Ursaring is also new Pokémon in this area.

Secrect Side Path (Day/Night)

This one is very interesting. The NEO ONE transforms to a tiny size when exploring this area of the Nature Park. So when the gamers look after their surroundings and Pokémon, they look massive and gigantic. New Pokémon named Shroomish and Snorlax can be seen in this area which was not in the game before.

Secrect Side Path pokemon
Credit: The Official Pokémon

Not to mention, Snorlax is a very popular Pokémon and is famous for its sleeping and body shape. This time this guy actually wakes up!

Pokemon Snap Nintendo Switch Update
Credit: The Official Pokémon

Barren Badlands (Day/Night)

This location is named the “Badlands of Voluca Island”. This is a desert island and at first, when you head to this location, will not see any Pokémon rather large rocky desert mountains. This one is real challenging to capture Pokémon. You will find holes that are creators or openings in between the mountains and eventually discover new Pokémon.

Barren Badlands pokemon
Credit: The Official Pokémon

In the gameplay of this island, we see Onyx comes out of one of the mountain holes which are canyon walls. Next, we see Swalot which is new in this update. The Pokémon heads towards to eat fluff fruit in an acidic sort of pool. Finally, we see Rockruff and Midnight Sun from Lycanrock. Rockruff is new in this new Pokémon Snap Nintendo Switch Update.

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