PUBG 10.2 Patch Notes Update Full Details In Short

The new Patch Notes update features a new vehicle, stunt emotes, and many more.

With the opening of the year, PUBG has planned a lot of events. Such as the upcoming Esports tournament but still manage to entertain us with the new PUBG 10.2 Patch Notes.

Features of the PUBG 10.2 Patch Notes

1. The 10.2 updates feature a new orange-colored car called Coupe RB. It can reach speed up to 150 km and can also provide an amazing defense. This vehicle is available in Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok.

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2. There’s also a stunt emote added to the dirtbike. So if you wanted to ride a dirtbike and perform a stunt you will simply have to click on the left mouse button while on mid-air. Then release the button and you will randomly get any of the 6 set-ups emotes.

3. With the PGI ( PUBG GLOBAL INVITATION) event coming up, the team has decided to put features regarding it such as the poster which you will see on the plane’s back wing. In addition, they also added monitors in Erangel and Miramar so that you can get updated about the match and even participate if possible while being on the battlefield.

4. There’s also a new type of system called ” Reputation System” added to the game so that players can use it if their squad fails to cooperate or connect and falls out. So for then, you can use this system to avoid toxic behavior and have good gaming time and also at the same time increase your teamwork.

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More details of the Reputation System

In the Reputation System, there are 4 levels. In which 4 is marked as a good player behavior and 0 as poor bad behavior. Furthermore, if you lose the Reputation level, then you simply will have to earn it. You have to earn the Reputation points and level up by completing normal or ranked matches.

Apart from that, you will also lose Reputation points for either abandoning matches, stealing kills, abusive language, or for losing tons of Reputation points if you receive more than a 7 days suspension.

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