PUBG 11.1 Patch Notes, New Arcade Mode Date, Details And Others

PUBG has just recently launched their new 11.1 patch notes on PC Test Servers and it has a lot of amazing features and items.

PUBG 11.1 Patch Notes has officially been confirmed and released by the team on 24th March, 2021. It includes a different season system, weapon balance, Paramo, a new aerial plane, medals, changes in the kill feed and a new arcade mode in the game.

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New Arcade Game Mode

A new game mode has also been added to the game in the upcoming April for the April Fool’s Day. It is also called as POBG or PLAYEROMNOM’S BATTLEGROUNDS and is a simple, short arcade game mode.

Weapon Balances

By far, there are 4 nerfs and buffs given to Mini14, VSS, SCAR-L, SLR and Beryl. And they are:


  • Damage increased by 1


  • Damage increased by 2


  • Damage increased by 1


  • Horizontal recoil increased by 15%
  • recoil recovery decreased by 2.1 to 1.9


  • Horizontal recoil increased by 5%
  • Horizontal recoil speed rate increased by 10 to 11
  • Vertical recoil speed rate increased by 1.5

New Aerial Plane

This is the new aerial that the team has added in the game. It is a new type of emergency pickup transportation where a sort of Fulton Balloon is detached and that balloon inflates and fly upwards until a plane comes, pick them up while flying towards the Safe Zone. Furthermore, this feature cannot be used before first circle and after 4th circle, will not also works on ferries, trains and indoor and players can still receive damage while in flight. Also, it can also be easily found in Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi.

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New Medals Updates

New updates has been added to the game in the PUBG 11.1 Patch Notes, which are the ten types of Mastery medals where players can achieve them for various reasons and achievements such as on- playstyle, surviving through tough situations and etc rather than just on killing skills. However, the medals can only be achieved through Normal Matches and Ranked.


In the PUBG 11.1 Patch Notes, Paramo is now officially returned back in Normal and Custom Matches. But, however few changes has been done such as:

  • Item spawn increased
  • New improvised terrain and cover added to the game
  • Extra random location added to Paramo

Furthermore, Paramo now supports TPP/FPP on either Solo/Duo/Squad in Normal Matches. And in Custom Matches, a secret room key and a new Sandbox mode is added to the game.

KillFeed Changes

The killfeed now depends and uses only on graphics and also the DBNO and headshots signs are shown differently and separately.

Season System Changes

After the end of Season 10, the rewards and awards that the players have achieved will be automatically given in the new Season 11. But, however, the rewards will highly depends on your performance and achievements in the previous season. If performed well, players will get a brand new mirado skin, parachute skin and a ranked emblem.

More importantly, in the new PUBG 11.1 Patch Notes, ranked seasons will run for 2 months and due to the misuse of the ranked emblems, the team has allowed players to contain only the ranked emblems and rewards for the season in they obtained it. Besides, there is also changes to the Ranked Rewards and Rewards Table. And they are as follows:

  • Parachute skins now will only be available for players from Gold or above
  • Vehicles skins are not a ranked reward anymore
  • Emblems will now be provided for players in Platinum or above
  • Top 500 or Master will now receive a nameplate and emblem

Changes to Rewards Table

  • Rewards of Season 11 will now be revealed in the upcoming event
  • Individual emblem will be precious and unique to the previous season

Apart from that, there is also UI/UX and in Store, bugfixes, server improvement and changes along with the upcoming items, skins, weapon skins that will be revealed in April.

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