PUBG 4th-anniversary items are coming and they are looking great

PUBG’s 4th-anniversary is almost here and new items are coming. These items will be free as a token of appreciation. This new skin is looking quite good.

PUBG 4th-Anniversary celebration

PUBG is going to celebrate its 4th year anniversary. As it is the best battle royale game. They always try to impress their daily players. As a token of appreciation, they are bringing a new skin for free. After watching the first look we can assume that it is going to be M416’s skin. More information is going to be released on 11th March.

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player unknowns battlegrounds is the most realistic battle royale game for about 4 years. This game about to step its 4th year. Last year on the 3rd anniversary PUBG gave everyone a free M416 skin. That skin was great and players loved it. But this year on 4th-anniversary PUBG just showed a small piece of it.

Credit: PUBG

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Season 10 is almost finished and PUBG 4th-anniversary is almost here. The game officials will share some information about the upcoming skins and reward on 11th March. So players stay tuned for some more updates about upcoming skins and rewards. Because Pubg always thinks about their players and brings something awesome for them. And these anniversary items are free for all so every player can enjoy these skins. PUBG 4th-anniversary will bring some new things as well so stay tuned.

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