PUBG Miramar Remaster Teaser is here and it’s looking awesome

Credit PUBG

PUBG Miramar Remaster Teaser is here and it’s looking awesome. The wolves of the Desert are coming. Recently PUBG tweeted a teaser video from their official tweeter account.

By watching the video we can assume that a major update of the map Miramar is coming. We are still not sure that this update is coming to season 12 or not because game officials still didn’t announce any date. But there was an announcement that they will remaster the 8*8km desert-based map Miramar.

Credit: PUBG

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PUBG Miramar Remaster

PUBG Miramar was the 2nd Map of the game. This map is based on the desert with huge cities. Miramar was first introduced to us in late December 2017. After that, there were lots of changes and bug fixes on the map. But this time Pubg Devs are coming with a remastered version of the map. This will be the biggest change on the map.

However, the teaser was only about a bike and the caption was- The wolves of the desert are coming. So we can assume that its about Miramar.

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PUBG Continental Series (PCS 4) is starting on June 20th. So this remastered version will not be released before that. After PCS 4 The game officials will tell when they are launching this new version of PUBG Miramar Remastered.

Players are already hyped for PCS (PUBG Continental Series 4) and the new PCS Skins. I think game Officials will announce the release date on the final day of PCS4. So let’s hope for the best.

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