PUBG Mobile 1.2.0 Update Patch Notes Feature Amazing New Modes, Guns And Everything

With the update of 1.2.0 update/ patch note comes along the Runic Power Event, guns and modes.

Recently, the game has released PUBG Mobile 1.2.0 update on Jan 12th, Tuesday which features the Runic Runes and 3 other special powers.

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Features included in the PUBG Mobile 1.2.0 Update

Furthermore, along with the three special power comes along the Runic Power mode. Where you will get as mentioned before individual powers from individual runes. Besides, there is also an Honor Building in Metro Royale. And a cheer Park Runic power themed event for the update. Moreover, there is also a type of white suit to it called the ” Power Armor”. And a white-colored rifle gun called ” Famas” which can only be accessed in the map Livik.

Further details of the Update PUBG Mobile1.2.0 Update

The team has also added additional 3 Runes which can grant you special powers. As in the Flame rune, will help you get a wheel of flame and gain burning ammo. And the second one called the ”Artic Rune” which allows you to summon an ice wall and reduce the effectiveness of healing of enemies hit. Along with a Wind rune which summons a windshield which grants you greater speed and faster reloading speed for a temporary amount of time.

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Although, players would love it if there were fewer ping issues and less lag when updating the game. Apart from that, you can clearly see the effort that the team has given to give the players the experience of a thrilling fantasy world.

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