Now cheaters will not be able to ruin your PUBG Mobile games anymore! The game has comes up with new BAN PAN SYSTEM Upgrade.


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You can now use video review feature to see who are actually cheating in the game. So you can take action if you see any hacking during the game. This new system has come to keep the matches fair. Firstly you need to sign up and then you can take action. The video review allows players to check suspicious activities. Therefore PUBG Mobile authority can know who are cheating in the game.

How to use BAN PAN SYSTEM:

You can find there is an option named ‘BAN’. Go there and then go to ‘Start Review’ option. You will find it below ‘Review Title’. By clicking ‘Start Review’ you can apply for investigating. If accepted, you can watch the videos awaiting reviews and find out violations. If your most reports are correct, you can become ‘Master Investigator’.

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Also if a player gets report by other players during a match, then the first person view of that player will be sent to ‘BAN PAN SYSTEM’ and they will check if the violation is valid or not. A investigator will watch the video and then decide. After reviewing the video, he will select one option out of three. All three options are:

  1. Violation found
  2. No violation
  3. Unsure

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Yes you can become investigator. But to get skilled in it, you need training. So try new training feature in PUBG MOBILE to get your investigator skills. Furthermore to help investigator for right call, PUBG MOBILE has added visual aids. You can check if the suspicious player can actually see what he is doing or not. According to the visual sight of that player, PUBG will give you information about that.

So now cheating in PUBG MOBILE will get a harsh penalty. The cheaters may get ten years of ban for cheating.

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