So the ban for PUBG Mobile in India is coming to the end. Indian PUBG Mobile players will be able to play the game very soon.

PUBG Mobile Unban

Right now the most trending news of PUBG Mobile is PUBG Mobile is ban in india. India has banned PUBG Mobile due to Tencent Gaming Buddy. PUBG Mobile is a South Korean game. However, PUBG Mobile is runs through Tencent Gaming Buddy. A Chinese company has made this application. But India has banned 108 Chinese app including PUBG Mobile in their country.

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PUBG Mobile Unban

Due to this many players of PUBG Mobile has protested against their government for banning the game. So what is the good news now? The good news is PUBG Mobile is coming back to India very soon. PUBG Mobile Corporation has decided that they will no longer operate this game through this Chinese company Tencent in India. A South Korean company will take over the operation of PUBG Mobile.

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So, PUBG Mobile will no longer be connected with Chinese company for Indian region. In addition to, India has problem with Chinese applications, not any South Korean company. Nevertheless, Tencent Gaming Buddy will operate PUBG Mobile in other countries except India. One thing to mention, we cannot say with full confined that PUBG Mobile will be unbanned. They will communicate with Indian government as they have solved the issue.

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But we are pretty much sure that this game will be unbanned very soon in India and the gamers will be able to play as soon as the ban is over. Also PUBG Mobile is bringing a new update especially in India detailing the new security system of PUBG Mobile.

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PUBG Mobile is one of the biggest game around the world. This game has spread very fast due to the easy gameplay and the visual attraction. So this is going to be good news for PUBG Mobile Esports players in India. Also PUBG Mobile is bringing some new tournaments in South Asia. So it is a good chance Indian players can join in PUBG Mobile tournaments.

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