PUBG New Faction WarMode is here And It is the best!

Recently PUBG has launched a new Arcade mode and its name is Faction Warmode. This is one of the latest and newest mode in the game.

What is PUBG Faction Warmode?

Faction Warmode is a type of Team Vs Team deathmatch. It is played 8V8. players can form their own 8man lobby to play this war mode. Players can equip their own spawn kits like Assault, Medic, Support, and Scout. The target is to work together and eliminate the enemies in order to get points.

Game mode rules

  • Choose from 4 available weapon spawn kits/loadouts.
  • Respawns are enabled, players respawn from the plane upon death
  • Kills earn 3 points, knocks and revives earn 1 point each, friendly fire resulting in knocking or death is -5 points.
  • The first team to reach 200 points, or the team with the highest score after 15 minutes wins.
  • Red zones, care packages, flare funs, and vehicles are all disabled.
  • You can invite friends and queue together as a group.
  • Played in third-person perspective or first-person perspective
  • Each match takes place in a safe zone on the map, inside a static blue zone.

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Obviously, this war mode is really fun to play. Players can select their own spawn kits also.

So these are the 4 classes that players can play with. Therefore, PUBG Faction Warmode is one of the latest arcade mode and it is the best.

Undoubtedly, PUBG is the most satisfying for them, who loves battle royale games. But recently players are not playing this game because of some annoying bugs and hackers. However, officials are working to smooth and fix those bugs alongside banning the hackers. it has been a very popular game and holding it’s position in top video game criteria Not only US but this game is one of the most popular games all over the world. Battle Royale means 100 players drop in a map and fight.

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