PUBG PC 8.3 New skins leaked and They are Amazing

PUBG New Skins: Recently, leak stars are showing new skins that are coming in 8.3 Patch of PUBG. These new skins are amazing and good looking also.


So, Player IGN Recently Tweeted some Pictures of new skins that are coming in this new 8.3 Patch.

W can see these new skins are looking really good and detailed indeed. Moreover, new skins are always hyped in the game and now they are bringing these new Skins.

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Firstly, the Executioner set is the brand new skin and it is going to be awesome if someone wears it and kills with it. Also the CULT set is one of the finest weapon skins of PUBG. SKS, BERYL And AKM looks awesome with these new skins. Here, you can see the pictures attached below.

PUBG Devs are always coming up with unique concepts with the skins and players are always liking it. Obviously, players are looking forward to grab these latest skins that are coming on 8.3 Patch.

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Undoubtedly, this game is the most satisfying for them, who loves battle royale games. But recently players are not playing this game because of some annoying bugs and hackers. However, officials are working to smooth and fix those bugs alongside banning the hackers.

It has been a very popular game and holding its position in top video game criteria Not only US but this game is one of the most popular games all over the world.

Battle Royale means 100 players drop in a map and fight. The last player survives will be the winner and claim that chicken dinner. PUBG is the most realistic Battle Royale game.

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