PUBG New State- 5 Million Pre-Registration Done successfully Within A Week

PUBG New State- 5 Million Pre-Registration done successfully within a week on Google play store. This new game will bring lots of new things and new experiences for the players.

PUBG New State Release Date

This is the latest project of Krafton inc. The announcement date of the map was on 25th February however The officials still didn’t announce the release date of the game. The new state is going to be PUBG corporation’s 2nd game. It will bring lots of new things like Green Flare gun, New futuristic weapons, drones that carry drops, etc.

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New State already hit a milestone only in a week. More than 5 million pre-registration is done this week. This number is increasing day by day. This new game will be available in every region excluding (China, Vietnam, India) because the local governments banned these games. However, PUBG is trying to unban these games because there are a big amount of players in these regions.

New State is creating lots of hype for the fans out there. As we can see that already 5 million players pre-registered this week and more players are joining.

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PUBG Community is still growing in India, China regions rapidly, Yet the game is still banned. Players eagerly waiting for the government to unban the game.

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