PUBG New State Update- New Drone Shop, Dyneema Armour And More

The developers are making sure that PUBG New State Update will give a new and fresh vibe to the players. PUBG Corporation has already revealed that new features will be added to the game by showing Field Trip to Troi – Episode 2. There will be some unique vehicles, currency, items, and many more.

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PUBG New State Update: New Vehicles

As expected, the classic PUBG vehicles will be there. But in PUBG: new State, there will be added some other ways to transport throughout the map.

There will be an electric car which will be called the name ‘Volta’. It is going to have a stealthy engine. It accelerates quickly and the battery drags heavily. Though it has a stealthy engine, it will make some noise in the ground.

There will be another vehicle which is called ‘Vulture’. It is a two-wheel motorcycle that has a slow accelerator. But I have a higher maximum speed than a regular motorbike. The speed of the bike varies on the road while moving. Last but not least is the ‘Tram’ – it will be through. You will be able to use it in order to relocate.

PUBG New State Update: The Drone Shop

PUBG Corporation is going to level up the procedure of purchasing items. In PUBG – New State, you will find Drone Credits on the map which will help you to buy items in the aforementioned shop. After making a purchase, the drone will bring your goods to your desired place.

PUBG New State Update: New Dyneema Armour 

A new Armour has been revealed called Dyneema Armour which will give you better protection against certain types of ammunition. Like 5.56mm, 9mm, and .45 ACP. But it is weaker against ammo like 7.62mm, 300 Magnum, and 12- Gauge.

PUBG New State Update: Weapon customization system

There is like a toolbox which is a customization kit. It will allow you to do some modifications to your weapons, such as “turning a single fire weapon into a full-auto killing machine”.

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