PUBG New State Weapons, Green Flare Gun, New Airdrop, Futuristics Guns And Features On Google Playstore

PUBG Mobile just released their New State map and on Google Playstore the team gave some hits that what will be in this new map. It highlights PUBG New State weapons, guns, airdrop, and others.

PUBG New State Release Date

The announcement date of the PUBG New State map is 25 February 2021. However, the release date is yet to be released. But we can say that the New State Map is coming very soon.

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On Google Play Store, the PUBG Mobile team recently added new times as follows:

  • New Green Flare Gun
  • Yellow drop, the new drone carries this yellow drop
  • New futuristic weapons
  • New build style and structures
  • Green Flare Gun

New Green Flare Gun

Talking about PUBG New State weapons, on the images put on the Google Play Store, we see a teammate is shooting up with a green Flare Gun. So what can it be? A new type of Flare Gun? Yes, it might right. The green Flare Gun brings all futuristic weapons. However, the case could be different. It could be a new skin of Flare Gun. Or else the game has changed the Flare Gun completely for the New State. Let’s see what the team brings up for us!

Drone Brings Yellow Drop

Moving forward, we see drones are able to carry the yellow drop. So what is the advantage of it? Yes, the team members will able to get the drop on a specific place where they want. One member of yours might stay a little bit further from yours and he needs the yellow crate’s new weapon. So with a moving drone, you can help him to get the crate in his place.

Yellow Drop

The yellow drop is different. Well some of us may think that it is only changed in colors and not more than that. But the significance of this drop could be more special. And the possibilities of this are high. The drop could carry different types of new futuristic guns and other equipment. This is to say, the game will have all new and old airdrop. The green airdrop is not going anywhere else.

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PUBG New State Weapons And Guns From Previous

Talking about PUBG New State weapons and guns, there will be new items as well as old items. Yes, the payers are excited about the new equipment and others that PUBG brings us, but we have to keep in our mind the old ones too. The old weapons are not unpleasant rather the weapons are really great. To have better gameplay on this game, there are certain guns and equipment that we cannot ignore. Say, for example, the weapon that you control better. The recoil is good and suitable for you.

Hence, PUBG New State weapons are really great and will bring new features. The gameplay will be enjoyable. To get the actual vibe, we have to play the game. What we can do is now waiting for the New State to come. The excitement is palpable.

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