PUBG PC ARENA MODE Is Not Working? Here Is The Reason

So, a critical issue is running through PUBG PC. Furthermore, it is impacting the stability of the game. Therefore, Arena Mode is not working and has been disabled.

PUBG PC Arena Mode Is Not Working

The 1st round in Arena is close due to a mode which will be available from Sep 18th-21th called ‘Arena Mode. Arena mode is basically a small area where there are 16 squads fighting for the winner chicken dinner.

Arena Mode has been disabled due to a critical issue impacting game stability. It’s unlikely the game mode will return this weekend.

PUBG Support

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The team also responded,

Any additional changes to the originally outlined schedule in the initial announcement will be shared when possible.

As previously said, Arena mode is an intense small area where players can engage in intense fight. The mode is available in Erangel, Sanhok and Miramar. The game rules are simple. There will be 16 squads landing in here with each squad having 3 chances.

If won all you will fight with 2 more squad and get the winner chicken dinner. But if u lose all the 3 chances then you will be eliminate. If there’s three or less squad in the last zone then there will be a sudden death arena where the squads will fight out.

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The last one standing will get the chicken dinner. There is also no spawning of weapons. To get weapons u need to have currency which u have to earn through killing players. To get guns u have to get to the load out menu which keys are as follows (L- KEY for PC & FOR CONSOLE: MAP KEY, SYSTEM MENU-TOUCH PAD).Also, teammate can also be revived in 5 sec.

The System in Arena Mode

°As previously said, 2-3 squads will land where each squad will be given 3 chances where if won all the squad has to fight another 2 or if loses will be eliminated.

  • If there’s 3 or less squads in the last zone then there will be a sudden death round where the last remaining squad will get the chicken dinner.
  • Players also have to kill enemy to earn currency for the guns as there will be no spawning of weapons. However, other items like helmet, vest, scope or magazine etc. can be find in random areas in the mode.

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Summary of the Mode

16 squads which means 64 players will be available in this mode. This mode is also in Erangel, Sanhok, and Miramar. Other than this there are also many factors such as- u can revive your teammate in 5 sec, speed of blue zone will be quite faster, you have to loot in 30 sec as soon as u land & many other.

Arena mode has been added to the game so players can enjoy an exciting gameplay in this small area with its condition. The game ‘Arena Mode Labs’ will be available around 2 weeks where in 25th-28th September in PC and October 2nd–5th in console. So what are u waiting for? Grab your seatbelt in the plane and enjoy the thrill and excitement of this mode with your squad!

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