PUBG PC new bridge update is working good for the bridge campers

Credit: PUBG

PUBG PC, the new bridge update is working well for the bridge campers. Before this update, there were only a few suitable places for camp. But now there are lots of new places with hardcover to camp on the bridge.

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PUBG PC New Bridge

PUBG PC developers made some changes for the bridges of Erangle. These new bridges had some major changes. These bridges now have a lower floor that can be used to cross the whole bridge. Players can camp there to take down the enemies surprisingly. Players can stay there as long as they want because it has lots of covers.


As we can see in the image above, there are some points where the stairs are connected to the main part of the bridge. If a car crosses the bridge, players who camp there can easily kill them. Camping is a part of the game. Players who camp there, need to be hidden because if any enemy spots them there, then they will not cross the bridge. PUBG PC new bridge update is sure great for the bridge campers.

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Credit: PUBG

There are some changes on the obstacles also. There was an empty truck before. It is now loaded with sand. We can see this in the image above. PUBG PC New bridge update changes are playing a vital role in the game. Because players now think is it safe to cross the bridge? Because bridge campers can camp out there to hunt them down.

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