PUBG PC New Update 8.3 full information. Whole Server down!

PUBG PC server shut down for the new 8.3 update.

Recently, players have faced difficulty entering matchmaking. Sometimes the game was not working properly. This was actually due to the PUBG PC NEW UPDATE 8.3. This is why PUBG PC server got shut down. PUBG PC teams tweeted,

We are aware of an issue which may prevent some players from properly entering into matchmaking and are currently working to resolve it as quickly as possible

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What is in the New Update 8.3?

PUBG PC live servers has gone under maintenance for nearly 8 hours on Sept 16th, 2:30 am CEST. Once the update completed, we have seen a new assist system. Also a new jammer pack, and Erangel ferries.

Jammer Pack

In PUBG PC new update 8.3, the new jammier pack eliminates the blue zone damage until the battery ends which help players to get to the safe zone or prepare for a strategy to defeat your opponents.

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New Assist System

Secondly ,the assist system has massively changed in the new update. Also this system was only in ranked match but now it’s been added to the maps. In addition this is now available in Ranked mode, Maps or in classic match (Duos/Squad) and in custom match.


Two new ferry has been added in the new update which carries players from Southern Erangel to Sosnovka Island. There are in total 4 ferries which help players transport easily in case opponents starts camping in the bridge.

Other than this, there are many more skins-guns, outfit & vehicle. Bugs & glitches has also been taken care of with many other improvement to the game in the new update 8.3.

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