Soniqs Esports won The PUBG PCS 2 (PUBG Continental Series 2) – Best of NA

(PUBG CONTINENTAL SERIES) North America is over. And Guess what? Soniqs Esports won the NA (North America) series.

Finally, they won the PUBG PCS 2 tournament with the lead of 64 Points and its Huge. Moreover, they got 8 Chicken dinners. There have been 24 matches in the tournament and they won 8. It was a great journey and an intense tournament.

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Players who voted For Soniqs are going to win 100k EP (ESPORTS point). They can buy PCS 2 Skins with these Points. Players are waiting eagerly to grab these skins.

More than 175001 players voted fir Soniqs Esports and they are happy that they have won. Because 100k EP (Esports points) was in the line. Now they can buy skins with those 100k points.


These are the new PCS 2 skins. It has Beryl, Mini-14, SLR And more other weapon skins. Player can only buy Mini-14, Kar98k and G36 skins with EPs. Other skins will need real money to purchase.

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Last but not least, PGS (PUBG Continental Series) – 2 Is one of the Major Tournaments of PUBG PC and Soniqs Esports won The NA series. So we would like to congratulate Soniqs Esports for winning the NA series.

Obviously, a well-deserved title for them as they were the beasts in the battlegrounds. Furthermore, they have secured 265 Points and got a lead of 64 Points. Soniqs have earned 111 placement points and 154 kill points. Overall they killed 154 players in 24 matches only. Its Huge for a Big Tournament like this. Soniqs Esports have Given Their Best in the Tournament as they walk Away With the PGS 2 Champions Title. Congratulations Soniqs Esports.

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