PUBG New Map is Coming in Season 9-PlayerIGN

PUBG PC is coming With a New map in Season 9 and PlayerIGN tweeted this. PUBG Pc is bringing their 6th Map in season 9.

Player IGN is a genuine leaker and he tweeted PUBG new map is coming with Season 9. So, Season 9 is a hot topic now for PUBG. The upcoming season is almost there to unlock. Obviously they will make changes and add some additional features which is nothing new and exciting at the same time. He also said, he want to see a few upgrade in other map also. Moreover, not only him but also most of the PUBG lover want to see additional changes in other maps as well.

We Still don’t know which kind of map they are going to make this time.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is the online multiplayer battle royale game and it’s published by PUBG Corporation. This game released its open beta version in March 2017. And After Trial Version this game was fully released in December 2017. PUBG is coming with their 6th map in season 9.

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PUBG is the most Realistic Battle Royale game and it’s the best battle royale game. It has been a very popular game and holding its position in top video game criteria Not only US but this game is one of the most popular games all over the world. Battle Royale means 100 players drop in a map and fight. The last player survives will be the winner and claim that chicken dinner. PUBG is the most realistic Battle Royale game.

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