Rainbow Six Quarantine renamed to Extraction | Revealing on 12th June


Rainbow Six Quarantine renamed Extraction. It is confirmed by the game developers and the official revealing is happening on Saturday at the Ubisoft Forward Event.

Rainbow Six Quarantine renamed

Ubisoft officially announced that Rainbow Six Quarantine will be called Rainbow Six Extraction. The name Rainbow Six Quarantine was titled before the actual pandemic happened. The devs decided that it wasn’t cool to give this name at this time that’s why they chose to change it. First, they reported that the game will be named Rainbow Six Parasite. After that, they finally decided to name it Rainbow Six Quarantine on 8th June.

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Ubisoft creative director Patrick Methé says in a video, “You’ll be facing an always evolving alien threat. You’ll have plenty of different challenges to overcome but will always have one goal in mind: Making sure no one gets left behind. It will be up to your and your squad to decide when to push forward, or when to extract. As you will soon discover, Extraction is truly the name of the game.”

He played great wordplay there but there is also some trick as the reveal of Rainbow Six Extraction will take place at the Ubisoft Forward Event which will be online. It will begin at 12 pm PT/3 pm ET on June 12. If you are much curious to know then there is also a dedicated Twitter account you can follow along with at R6Extraction.

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But from the leaks of March and April, we already have a pretty good idea of what to expect from Extraction. The leaks showed us that teams of Rainbow Six operators will progress through a Left 4 Dead-like series of sub-missions, broken up by airlocks while gathering information on an alien menace known as archaeans. Further, you play, the new area will be tougher than the ones before.

Though all these don’t make this clear that how will this work for the players. We have to wait for the Ubisoft Forward Event to take place and clear all the matter.

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