Rainbow Six Siege Containment Event, Operator Skin, Weapon Skin & All

Rainbow Six Siege has recently dropped off their new special event called “Containment Event”. Inspired by Rainbow Six Extraction, the new mode will be the pathway to loads of contents, bundles etc.

As mentioned properly, Ubisoft has recently launched their new special limited event called “Containment Event”. Starting from August 3rd-24th and inspired by Rainbow Six Extraction, the special mode not only offers entertainment but exclusive free content along with bundles and collections. Below is the full description of the special mode and also regarding the new bundles, collections etc.

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R6 containment event release date

The new special event of Rainbow Six Siege has kicked off on August 3 and will last upto 24th August 2021.

Containment Event Details And Rules

Containment Event is a special limited-edition 5v5 mode which is also known by the name ”Nest Destruction”. Apart from the game mode lasting up to three Min Rounds, this mode is all about the intense long battles between players and an alien-creature ”Proteans”.

In other words, players must enter the Consulate while exterminating the minor and Armored nest from the hands of Proteans. Destroying the nest from the alien-like creature that uses melee attacks and fast speeds, Nest Destruction certainly offers action and horror gameplay to the players.

Containment Event Collection And Bundles

And regarding the bundles and collections of Containment Event, there are in total 33 items ( yet to be revealed). It includes a dynamic Sentiment Growth Signature weapon and outfit skin, an Antiparasitic Serum charm and lot’s more.

Besides, players can also have the alternative option of gaining these items for free just by logging into the game during the Containment Event.

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Operator And Weapon Skin Price And Details

In addition, the new event also offers 10 Operator bundles including new weapons skins along with headgears, personal uniforms. And they might come in a total of 1680 R6 Credits and 300 R6 Credits/ 12,500 renown through the Collection Packs.

Sebastien Levesque Interview And Breakthrough

According to one of the interviews that have been held of Sebastien Levesque, the main-in head of the Containment Event mode. He states in that about the two abilities of defenders and their explanation which are:

Oryx Ability

This ability will allow players to puncture through walls and jump through hatches along with also opening hatches.

And that is all regarding the new modes and about the Containment Event and its collection and bundles. Although the event is a limited-edition event, it is still quite an amazing event with loads of weapons, operators skin, collection and others.

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