Rainbow Six Siege Parasite gameplay leaks and footage leaks for more about combat with aliens

Rainbow Six Siege Parasite gameplay is recently leaked. The gameplay reveals more information about the game as well as the combat and aliens.

Rainbow Six Siege Parasite

Recently five-minute footage was leaked on YOUTUBE of Rainbow Six Seige featuring Ela killing hordes of scary creatures and aliens to save an unconscious React Operator from being finished.

It’s not similar to its previous leaks from May as this leak is full of actions that provide some of the same looks from the game as well as some new gadgets. It was a fast-paced fight to find the agent and carry it to the door. After the fight ends, the post screen is a rundown of completed objectives, survivor bonus, and mastery improvements.

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May’s video leak was more informative in an overall sense and it revealed that Parasite’s enemies are blue-green aliens with blades for arms and glowing heads and they are called archaeans. Players have to gather intel by progressing through increasingly dangerous zones.

May’s leak was taken down quickly and it’s almost sure that this video will be taken down too so don’t waste your time, go and watch it. The official date for its release hasn’t been confirmed yet. Most probably it will roll out this year.

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