Ranked Play Changes Apex Legends Season 8, Ranked Maps, Split Dates And Others

It features New Changes In Apex Legends such as Ranked Ranked Play Changes, Ranked Maps and Split Dates, and others.

With the new Season 8 in Apex Legends, comes along many new minor and major changes installed by the team in the game. As a result, today we are going to discuss further it.

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Results of the players in Season 7

Firstly, Season 7 had a lot of response from the players than in the previous seasons. It had a potential increase in Platinum and higher tiers. Furthermore, the estimation by the team to be 30% to 40% with relation to time, day, region, and others in relation.

The following records of players who played in Split 2 for more than 5 hours are as follows

  • 16.35% Bronze
  • 23.86% Silver
  • 32.09% Gold
  • 23.13% Platinum
  • 4.37% Diamond
  • 0.20% Master and Apex Predator

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Ranked Play Changes Apex Legends in Season 8

There are in total 7 main changes coming in Season 8. And they are as follows:

  1. A healthier and fair match in Diamond: By providing players of the same caliber and skill.
  2. Changes in match quality for ranked matches: By providing players in the same ranked tier which they are in
  3. Also, changes in RP rewards: Moreover, Players can earn RP rewards earlier at placement 13 rather than in 10 matches and benefit a lot.
  4. Changes to kill/assist count: It has now been raised to 6 which will allow players to earn a good amount of RP and rank advantages.
  5. Changes to Assist Threshold: Assist Threshold has now been increased up to 10 seconds.
  6. Also, changes to Predator: Now top 750 players can play in Predator.
  7. Changes to Matchmaking: Now players below Diamond can matchmake a lot in their own individual ranks.

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New Season Ranked Maps and Split Dates:

Kings Canyon Map will now crash back in the scene on March 23th for the first split. And the second split will rewind back to Olympus.

In addition, there are also rewards that players will earn from Season 7.

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