RoadHog Skin Overwatch Midas Release Date, Design, Weapons And Others

Overwatch has released their new skin called ‘Roadhog’ also known as Midas. The skin is released to celebrate the end of the season.

Talking about the skin, it is available before the Overwatch League 2021. And this is the SFSHOCK’s, Overwatch League Grand Finals 2020 Championship skin.

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Roadhog Skin Design

The Roadhog skin in Overwatch is mostly a black outfit with a red scarf and a sort of clothing line in its waist. Apart from having a huge belt ‘SF’ on it. It has also a massive golden-flaming hat. Along with a pad on its knee. Giving it a dangerous and a wild boar-like feeling to it.

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Roadhog Weapons Design:

Roadhog has in total 3 weapons skin. Which are a gun, axe, and an arrow. And their skin design is as follows:

  1. The gun: It is a golden-colored designed gun, with a golden round hand-shaped clock weighing on the weapon. Along with the word ‘SF’ written beautifully on it.
  2. Axe: It is a pure golden colored axe. With flames covering it on top of it. And the long shiny chain that is connected to it.
  3. Arrow: And lastly, the brown-red designed cloth skin keeping the mesmerizing and shiny blue crystallized arrow altogether on its back.

Apart from that, the skin also received a great number of responses for its beautiful and golden style and design. Truly, a great skin for the end of the Overwatch 2020 league. With this skin, the Roadhog is looking more gorgeous with an elegant vibe.

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