Run Godzilla Mobile Game Released By TOHO Games

run godzilla mobile game
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Run Godzilla Mobile Game: Toho Games finally released their new Run Godzilla mobile game. The game is a free mobile game by TOHO Games. It can be played both on android and ios.

In this game, players raise Godzilla and race against Kaiju. This game is released worldwide on March 25, 2021, except in Japan. The Japanese release will be most likely in June.

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How To Play Run Godzilla Mobile Game

Talking about the guide, this game is a bizarre casual game where players have to juggle between building factories and feeding villagers to raise Godzilla. Players will have to complete different kinds of tasks to maintain the world. Factories produce diamonds.

The more factories players can build, the more diamonds they get. The diamonds can be used to get more villagers. The villagers help Godzilla to become stronger. Also, the villagers need apples to survive, and the factory smoke destroys apples. So this game is all about maintenance.

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Run Godzilla Story

Run Godzilla is an idle game. Godzilla and Kaiju become stronger when players are away. Godzilla, Kaiju, and the villagers have a limited amount of time. Players have to raise Godzilla and Kaiju well so they can be ready to leave when the time comes. Players can look back on the Godzilla they’ve raised even after it’s gone and can pass on their abilities to the next generation of Godzilla and Kaiju.

Run Godzilla APK

For Run Godzilla APK file you can check this link.

Run Godzilla Download

To download the Run Godzilla mobile game, you can go to Play Store if you use android. For IOS devices, go to App Store and then search the game and click download.

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