Ryu Skin Fortnite And Chun Li Skin Will Be Available In Item Shop, Release Date, Price

Finally, Ryu and Chun Li skin will be now available in Fortnite Shop. One of the most popular icons from Street Fighter. SO things are going a lot interesting here.

News Regarding Ryu And Chun Li

Recently the leak regarding Ryu And Chun li on Fortnite was coming on various social media sites. The messages contained the information of Ryu and Chun Li are soon joining in Fortnite. As soon as the news leaked, the Fortnite team made the news official.

Release Date

The new skins Ryu and Chun Li will be available from Sunday 20, 7 PM ET or 4 PM PT.

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Ryu Skin Fortnite Origin And Design

Ryu is one of the most famous icons from street fighter. He is a protagonist from the origin of Japanese. The character is famous for his unique techniques and abilities. Ryu, the character is dressed up in a Karategi outfit. The dress is white with a black ribbon tightened in the waist.

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Chun Li Skin Frotntie Origin And Design

So why Chun Li has created so much hype? She is the first Icon to play from any fighting game. The origin of Chun Li is China Hong Kong. Her first introduction was in Street Fighter 2. The dress she wears is blue qipao. It is a traditional dress that was used in the early 20th century in china. The signature move of Chun Li is so alluring. Also, her ability and performance are great.

Price Of Ryu Skin And Chun Li Skin

Yet to be revealed. But we can assume the price will be around 3000 V-Bucks.

This is one of the greatest crossovers in Fortnite. The game is not stopping making the crossovers. Recently they included flash skin in Fortnite. But this time it creates more hype as the characters are so unique and loveable icons from another game street fighter.

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