Season 9 Bug Fixes and Patch Updates

Apex Legends Dev has revealed a full list of bug fixes for the next Season 9 Bug fixes and patch update. It’s a big list to check out. Hope this patch update will solve some major issues of the game and make it smoother for the Apex players.

Apex Legends is one of the most popular online first-person shooter games of this time. It has around 70 million players globally. Players can play in a three-man squad with their friends or random players like most other battle royale games. The main motive is to land and find guns, shields, and other survival stuff to survive till last and kill all other players.

Apex Legends is developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. It can be played in Play Station 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Nintendo Switch.

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Season 9 Bug Fixes in March Hotfix

Like any other game, Apex Legends also has a fair amount of bugs and glitches. After the launching of season 8, the amount has increased and it was making a lot of issues for the players to play easily. The dev looked at it and tried to solve all the glitches in Season 9 Bug Fixes. The patch update will roll out on 15 March 2021.

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Bug Fix and Patch Update list

  • Game Session leaks fixed
  • LOC – DE/RU -SWITCH – Line breaks in menu fixed when selecting game modes
  • Legendary War Path skin texture fixed when interacting with Survey Beacons
  • Chaos Theory Bloodhound Skin gloves texture fixed in 1st person view
  • PIN events added to Battlepass to track missing rewards
  • Heat Shield audio issues fixed
  • Script Error issue fixed
  • Toggle fire option problems are fixed
  • Target acquisition improved
  • Switch: Audio enhancements
  • Flickering textures in-game improved
  • Charm names and Armory Icons are corrected on Switch
  • Lifeline Mic Check skin collision issues are resolved
  • “Queen’s Guard” of Wraith texture issues fixed
  • Bloodhound Sacred Gate crash error is fixed now
  • “Royal Livery” of Bloodhound and Octane’s “Oni’s Shadow” skin textures fixed
  • Server Error – netadr_t::ToString fixed
  • GPU crash issues resolved while starting matches
  • “gamemodes/sh_gamemode_second_chance.nut error solved
  • Loba bracelet will now work on Retail generators
  • Bangalore Heirloom performing SFX fixed
  • Heat Shield infinite uses exploit fixed
  • Overlaps and cuts off in Ranked League Menus fixed
  • Club tag issue fixed for respawning players
  • Epic “Woad Warrior” Wraith skin textures fixed
  • Text integration added for Gamepad Menu
  • Console: “Electric Blue” skin textures fixed
  • Fur lining texture on Bloodhound’s “Going Dark” skin fixed
  • GeForce Now infinite loading issues fixed
  • Octane’s Skydive Emote “Fidget Spinner” preview now available when inspected on XB1

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After the new patch update rolls out on 15 March 2021, the fixes will make the gaming experience much more enjoyable and fun. Season 8 had come with a lot of bugs and glitches. The players faced many issues playing the game peacefully and they reported it several times to fix all these problems. The devs saw this and tried to fix these in this patch update. I think it’s a great gesture from the developers as they are careful about the opinion of their players. And the players would be very happy to see that these bugs are going to be fixed in near future and they don’t have to wait much.

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