Second Round of Valorant Year One Stat Emails On Next Week

Riot tweeted on their official tweeter account on 10th July 2021 that the second round of Valorant one year stat coming next week. So relax and just make sure to opt-in for emails in your account preferences.

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Valorant Year One Stat Emails

According to an official tweet from Valorant, the players who did not receive Valorant Year One Stat Emails can expect theirs next week. But before that, you have updated your account preferences. They have not told an exact date but the players can relax because their Year One stats email on the way.

The developers, Riot confirmed that the players who opt-in to receive communications from the company in their account preferences will get their Valorant Year One stats in the upcoming week. All you have to do that go to your Riot Video Games account and check the “Communications from Riot Video game”. 

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Riot made almost every player astonished with an email telling about their stats. It is just a part of a celebration of the player’s first anniversary. In the email of Valorant Year One stat, you will get to know about your headshots, Body shots, Leg shots, kill/loss of life ratios, and also how many matches won and damages done. Also, you know about your victims and most played agents, most used weapons, most played map, and many more. A lot of players sharing their stats with their friends and some of them are tensed about why they are not getting it.

The players who opted to obtain advertising communications from Riot Video games got the primary set of Valorant Year One Stat Emails with their stats. So it means that those who opted out had been excluded from the first wave of statistics

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