Server Timeout In Black Ops Cold War Warzone And Other Issues

This is about the server timeout in Black Ops Cold War and in Warzone.

On Friday, March 5th, just before midnight, the Warzone and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War server started collapsing out of the blue and it has reported by several players.

The players claim that they tried to log into the game but were unable to do so. Quite a few players even though it was just a network connection problem but it is not. And this issue jas not been experienced by one but by several players on many platforms.

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Server Timeout In Black Ops Cold War

As to why this server started collapsing, there is no specific reason or detailed information regarding it. But, however, the publishers have taken notice of it and said to wait for a while as they are trying their best to fix the issue on the Black Ops Cold War and in Warzone as soon as possible. But, it is still quite uncertain due to which time and how much time is going to be taken to resolve this.

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Other than the server timeout, players are also experiencing issues such as waiting for a long time in the loading time for the matches or even experiencing high volumes or other such problems. And the majority of mostly affected by this are the PlayStation users.

Regardless the server timeout in Black Ops, there is still no detailed and fixed information as to why the server timeout occurred or how much will take, or others. But, as we know the team is trying their best and will resolve it as soon as possible.

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