Sinatraa Amid Suspended Valorant, Stage 1 Masters And Sentinels for Sexual Abuse! It’s awful.

Sinatraa Amid Suspended Valorant: Valorant Pro Sinatraa Amid suspended from Valorant stage 1 Masters and Sentinels for sexual abuse! Even he has been suspended from his team Sentinels.

Sinatraa Amid Suspended Valorant

It is hard to believe but yes Professional Valorant player Jay ‘Sinatraa’ has been accused of sexual abuse. His Ex-Girlfriend Cleo ‘Cle0h’ Harnadez filed a case about him. It was hard for her yet she raised her voice. The accusation has been filed with few screenshots and voice recordings.

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The case has been filed on the 9th of March. After Riot games heard the news they immediately suspended Sinatraa and he has been suspended from the tournament and team Sentinels from 10th March. This player cannot play any kind of tournaments before the investigation. So team Sentinels will play this tournament with the substitute player.

Team Sentinels Lineup

  1. Shahzeeb (ShaZam) khan
  2. Sick (Hunter) Mims
  3. Zombs (Gitlin) Jared
  4. Dapr (Gulino) Michael
  5. Sub

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sinatraa amid suspended valorant
Image Credit: Riot GAmes

Riot Suspends Sinatraa Amid Extended

Talking about Sintaraa Amid suspended in Valorant, we can see that Sinatraa is not on the list because he is already suspended until further notice and updates. Sinatraa is a really good player. However, what he did I don’t think good but we still don’t know that that is guilty or not. So Riot games suspended him from playing from Valorant stage 1 masters until further notice.

Team Sentinels is one of the best teams of Valorant. This team plays in NA Region and they are one of the best in the SEA Region. But after Sinatraa did these things team Sentinels didn’t play with him. That’s why Sinatraa Amid has been suspended from the stage 1 Valorant tournament.

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