Rage’s Ult can be countered with Skye’s Guiding Light Ability

Skye's Guiding Light Ability
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Skye’s Guiding Light Ability is not only to blind enemies but it can also be used to counter an incoming Showstopper from the enemy raze. A Valorant player has recently shown a clip where he blocked the showstopper in mid-air with the hawk.

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Skye’s Guiding Light Ability

Skye is the 11th agent of the game. It was first introduced after valorant ACT III begins. She is representing Australia as her county of origin. Also, she became the third initiator of the game after breach and sova.

Most of her abilities are animal based with a wide range of uses in healing teammates, flashing enemies and seeking opponents. She is being a vital pick of most of the pro comp agent picks in almost every rank tier.

How to Block Raze’s Showstopper with Skye’s Guiding Light Ability

Skye’s Guiding Light ability sends a hawk trinket in the direction of the players’ crosshair. It blinds all the enemies in the vision of the Hawk upon triggering it.

Skye’s Guiding Light Ability Stopping Showstopper

A recent Reddit post by a user has shown a devastating way by which players can block incoming showstopper with the hawk. In the uploaded clip, the player was roaming around in the mid side of the new map Breeze. While he sent Skye’s Guiding Light Ability, the opponent raze threw his showstopper towards the Skye.

But before the showstopper bazooka shot landed on the Skye, it got hit on the Hawk of Skye’s Guiding Light Ability. Both of the abilities got destroyed after colliding. A destroyed Hawk is not a big deal in the game as it is too cheap. But it is valuable when you are tackling an ability like Showstopper that takes eight ultimate points and multiple rounds to accumulate.

It is a matter of luck if you are trying to stop the bazooka like this. Guiding your Hawk straight to the Showstopper is not an easy task at all.

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