Sojourn Overwatch 2 New Hero And Reinhardt’s Buff, Full Leaks And Details So Far

It features the new Overwatch 2 hero Sojourn and buffs of the hero Reinhardt.

With the arrival of the new Overwatch 2 coming, the team, Blizzard has announced their new, upcoming Hero called Sojourn at BlizzConline. Furthermore, also on regarding Reinhardt’s buffs in Overwatch 2.

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New Hero Sojourn Character Design And Weapon

It is a female Canadian hero character with white hair. And a big massive railgun on top of her hands. With a golden-white outfit embedded with mechanical parts attached to her body. She impresses everyone with her cool and strong vibes.

It is quite tough to tell what the hero’s role is. As the characters are new. But judging from the weapon in her hand, she could be a Damage Hero. But, then again, nothing can be.

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Reinhardt’s buff in Overwatch 2

In the BlizzConline, nothing revealed regarding Reinhardt’s buff. Except for a behind-the-scenes video in which the team reveals Reinhardt’s development. Also, only the Fire Strike ability of Reinhardt was showcased and developed in the scenes.

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Fire Strike- Reinhardt can now freely launch a second charge in his Fire Strike ability. Helping him give a lot of damage and better fights to his opponents. Additionally, Reinhardt can also discharge his Fire Strike ability at will. Clearly giving the hero more accuracy and advantages.

As much as players are eagerly waiting for the heroes and the new Overwatch 2. Nothing can be confirmed still. Unless the beta version of the game is released.

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