Spooky Bear Skin And Eerie Doll Skin Set In PUBG Mobile, Release Date, Price, Design And Others

PUBG Mobile releases new Spooky Bear skin and Eerie Doll skin that looks so beautiful. If you like teddy bear type costumes, then hey, this is for you!

The devs has recently announced their new PUBG Mobile skin set called the ” Spooky Bear” and ”Eerie Doll” set on 15th February. A couple you never expected but actually has a lot in common.

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Spooky Bear Set Design

It is a clown suit in blue and black color. And the cyan-pink color on its feet along with the bear hat and face. Spooky Bear skin is a male costume skin. Apart from that, the ”Spooky Bear” suit also has a grenade skin.

Eerie Doll Set Design

The Eerie Doll skin design is ash and black colored outfit. Along with curly long red hair and a face structure of a doll. And similarly to the Spooky Bear, it also has in addition a pan skin, M416 (assault rifle weapon) skin, bag skin, and at last a grenade skin. This is the female version of the skin and the skin looks simply cute.

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Price and Release Date

It will cost at least 540 UC if you spin it in the shop and will last from 14th February to 3rd June 2021.

Besides, the set also has an additional emote. The skin was just released recently and it received a lot of response from the players. But players would appreciate it more if the skin cost a little bit cheaper.

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