Starflare Skin Fortnite 2021 Has Been Released- Price, Release Date, Splash Art And Details

Fortnite has recently launched a new star designed outfit called the Starflare Outfit

On 12 Jan Tuesday, the team has released a new skin called the Starflare. The team would like to represent Starflare Skin Fortnite as ‘Stars burn bright, yet this flare shines even brighter’. The new skin honestly speaking also seems different than the Red Jade and Ark but at the same time, not so much difference can be spotted.

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The appearance of the Starflare Skin Fortnite

The outfit is a dark-red color in a liquid sort of stage. As in the color is quite transparent and is quite beautifully observable. You can see the star design on the outfit also. On top of the suit, is a blue and orange type of designed star embedded in the suit along with a flower design below the neck. And a dark-red glove on the female character which resonates well along with the suit. In addition to her design, there is also a bag on her left thigh along with a thin wrapped up belt on her waist. Followed by another thin belt around her neck in the outfit.

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Differences in the outfit

Compared to the Red Jade and Ark skin, the Starflare outfit is not also half-bad. But the slight difference can closely be seen as in the item shop the suit has a 1500 V-bucks. Quite higher than the Red Jade and lower than the Ark, and that it is designed with a different design than the angel-designed Ark or the Assasin-designed Red Jade.

But honestly, speaking three of this suit is perfect. It merely depends on which outfit suits you the best to play with.

Furthermore, if you wish to purchase the skin. Then you can by going to the item shop and using a support-a-creator code when using those V-bucks.

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