Test Server Update In Rainbow Six Siege Patch Notes And Others, Release Date, Discovery Playlist And Bugs

Rainbow Six Siege Test Server Update brings out the Discovery playlist and bugs and other features.

On 27th February, Saturday, Rainbow Six Siege has announced their Test Servers update. Which will be available from 13:30 EST (EASTERN TIME ZONE) and at 18:30 UTC (COORDINATED UNIVERSAL TIME ZONE).

And apart from the test server update fixing several issues that players have experienced beforehand. The test server update also brings back the Discovery Playlist.

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Rainbow Six Siege’s Test Server updates include by far 4 bug fixes and other details that have been fixed by the team. And they are as follows:

Gameplay Bug

Fixed the issue where eliminating the opponent with a timer/explosive would be counted as a Blast Wave Challenge in the Battle Pass.

Level Design Bug

  • Fixed the issue of LOD on the Border map.
  • Fixed the issue of the collision, clipping, and asset
  • Fixed the issue where gaps would appear on the Border map.
  • Adjusted the issue of the Defuse Retrieval on the Border map.
  • Adjusted the issue where players can now after the update take a peek from up the desk to EST West Road Spawn.
  • Fixed the issue of the sound propagation on the Border map.
  • Adjusted the issue where the drone can now exit out of the bounds to the South of the Radiator.
  • Fixed the issue where Operators can now vault on top of the Shelf which is located on the Border Map at the First Floor Tellers.

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  • Fixed Mozzie’s Pests timer/explosion
  • Fixed the audio line of Flore’s RCE- Retro Charge in Aruni’s Surya Gate.
  • Fixed the issue where Echo’s Yokai can now be attached from the outside to the 2nd Floor East Stair’s Southern Door Frame.

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User’s Experience

  • Fixed the customization issues in the game.
  • Fixed other several bugs and improvements on UI.

Apart from that, Rainbow Six Siege has also in addition disabled Fuze on the Test Server from all playlists other than Custom Games. And lastly, as we know and have previously mentioned, the comeback of the Discovery Playlist after the Crash Bug.

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