The long loading issue of GTA 5 will be fixed in the upcoming update?

Long loading issue of GTA 5
Credit: Rockstar Games

The long loading issue of GTA 5 will be fixed in the upcoming update. Thanks to the modder TosterCX. He came up with the solution first. He made a mod. This mod caught the eyes of the game developers, and now they are going to implant this in the real game.

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Long loading issue of GTA 5

This problem was detected at the beginning of the game. Almost every player faces GTA V long loading issue. Because the loading process for the game runs a new check each and every time when it finds an entry in the 10MB JSON file. It takes almost 2 billion checks. That’s why it takes so much time to load the online version. But game officials couldn’t fix this problem. However, a modder named Tostercx came up with a solution. He founded a way to reduce the loading time by more than 70%. Rockstar Games will use this way to reduce the long loading issue of GTA 5.

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It is a piece of great news for the players. Because many players stopped playing because of this problem. It was very annoying to wait for such a long time. After this update, many players will start playing the game again. So it was a great initiative to accept tosters mod as a fix and implant it into the real GTA V online version. Players throughout the world are happy and ready to come back to the game as soon as this update is live.

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