The Spectrum Retreat Story- Stay Ending

The Spectrum Retreat is a challenging first-person puzzle game. This game was developed by Dan Smith. He started his work when he was 15 years old. Today we will look up to The Spectrum Retreat Story and the ending of the game.

The Spectrum Retreat was first Released on PlayStation 4 in 2018. After that, the game was released for PC and Nintendo switch. Recently this game was added to Epic Game Store for Free. This offer was only available for a limited time period (1-7th July). Before 1st July this game was available for 5$ USD on the epic store. This game has a great number of positive reviews.

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The Spectrum Retreat Story

Talking about The Spectrum Retreat Story, Dan Smith took more than 5 years to finish his work on this game. This means Dan started his work in 2012 and finished it in 2018. He fulfilled all the criteria so that he could sign a publishing deal. For a 15-year-old designer, this game is very optimized and polished. He signed a deal with Ripstone to publish this game.

The story of this game was quite Unique. A person named Alex was kept hostage in a Hotel named Penrose Hotel. He couldn’t remember that how he was there at the beginning. So he began to explore the hotel. The hotel was full of Robots. These robots run the place. There was a phone under his bed that Alex found and keeps with him. Soon a person named Cooper called him and says what he must do to get away from the place.

Alex needs to reach the rooftop so that he can escape. But it was a hard job. Because this hotel was full of puzzles and traps. Alex needs to solve every puzzle so that he can reach the rooftop. Each floor has different kinds of puzzles. Alex will remember slowly that how he was there at the beginning.

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The Spectrum Retreat Story Ending

Before reaching the rooftop Alex remembers everything that how he was there. He had a Son named Robin who died of a disease. Alex thinks that it was all because of the Governor, The Doctor, The insurance company. So he plans to kill them. After killing Matthews the insurance writer Maddie (Alex’s Wife) found out that his husband was up to these bad deeds. So Maddie sent him to Hotel Penrose to protect him.

This game was sure a great adventure for players who love playing adventurous games. So it’s a great deal to get this game for free from the epic stores.

For a 15-year-old designer, The Spectrum Retreat Story is really good. Players will love this game. The story of the game was also unique. These kinds of stories are rare.

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