Tracer Pack Lucky Bundle In Call Of Duty Cold War And in Warzone

Activision has recently announced the following pack after the Super Charged Reactive bundle which is called the Tracer Pack Lucky bundle which is available in the store.

Tracer Pack: Lucky bundle has been just been revealed by the team on Wednesday, 17th March in the store of Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War and in Warzone. It includes the sticker, guns, and many other items.

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Details of the Tracer Pack Lucky Bundle

There are in total 5 items in the Tracer Pack: Lucky Bundle which is the sticker, calling card, charm, assault rifle, and the light submachine gun skin. Besides, the pack also includes the green and orange Tracer fire and Gold Dismemberment Effect.

Price of the Tracer Pack Lucky Bundle

The Tracer Pack: Lucky bundle sums up to in total of 1800 CP in the Cold War and Warzone store.

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Design of the Tracer Pack Lucky bundle

As previously mentioned, there are in total 5 items and also they are all clover ( a 5 leaf flower) theme-based. And they are as follows:


The clover theme-based skin for the light machine gun Charlie. Nothing particularly strikes out except its beautiful glowing green color on the weapon. Furthermore, it also has an amazing feature which is when players will shoot, a green and orange colored bullet will shoot out from the gun.

Wee Lad

Green, light green, and black colored gun skin with some sort of rainbow design below the magazine part for the Assault Rifle Echo. And also similar to the first gun skin, it also has the green and orange color bullet shoot.

Pot O’ Gold

The base or middle of the decoration is of a black pot with some sort of rainbow flowing in or out of it.

Battle for the Glory

It is the calling card of the Tracer Pack: Lucky Bundle.

Lucky Frag

A sticker in which a skeleton with red eyes and a green hat along with his red-dyed beard is shown.

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