True Damage Yasuo Prestige Edition Revealed in LEAGUE OF LEGENDS!

True Damage Yasuo Prestige Edition: True Damage skin is getting a brand new Prestige Edition on the PBE.

True Damage Yasuo Prestige Edition

League of Legends revealed their new True Damage Yasuo skin on twitter. With such a new skin, three of True Damage’s five members will now receive a Prestige Edition of skins.

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However, this skin is looking absolutely gorgeous. It is designed by fashion house Louis Vuitton, with those of Qiyana and Senna. Moreover, it shows music and dance something like DJ.

Skins in LoL don’t just change looks like they do in a lot of games, for example.

They also change character patterns, voiceovers, and spell movements. Even so, these new impacts and changes only depend on how much RP it costs.

It is finally announced, the yasuo skin or prestige skin for 200 is going to be under the true damage skin line. However it is kind of something that disappointment to some players. This is because they wanted it would be spirit blossom. Actually getting a prestige skin and it is under one of his better skin lines is also a good one. The jacket looks super slick and super shiny of the character. So you can say that Riot has done a pretty nice job making the skin. Their skin team is amazing because they add a a lot of small attention and details to their skins. You can see Yasuo has a musk on in the face which is really cool.

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