TSM Disqualified from VCT Challengers 3 Open Qualifiers

TSM disqualified from VCT Challengers 3 Open Qualifiers. They got eliminated by Noble Roster at a scoreline of 2-1 in a best of three formats.

Not all of the matches from the tournament were streamed live. And unfortunately, the match where TSM Disqualified from VCT Challengers 3 Open Qualifier was off-stream. So fans had to rely on sites where they can watch the scoreboard updating live.

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Match Details: TSM Disqualified from VCT Challengers 3 Open Qualifiers

Noble started the game in their favor by taking the first map off from TSM at a 13-10 scoreline. TSM was a little bit disappointed but they did not stop to give their best. The second map of bind was totally dominated by them. TSM took the first 11 rounds straight to their bank and finished the end round count at a 13-2 scoreline.

The decider match was on Ascent where both of the teams had to give their utmost effort to keep themselves in the VCT Challengers 3 quals. Whoever loses the match lost the chance to climb the ladder towards VCT Masters Berlin.

It was almost the same scenario on Ascent as the second map Bind. But this time the defending side was favoring Noble. They hold TSM to take any rounds till they make it to double digits. TSM could take the last two rounds from the first half. Then, Noble settles up everything by finishing it off at a scoreline of 13-2.

Noble will continue climbing up the VCT Champions ladder. They will face 100 Thieves in the next match.

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