Twitch Streamer Accused To Groom Young Girls With Videos

withawonder Twitch Streamer Accused

Twitch streamer Withawonder who has 21.7K followers, alleged for grooming girls online using chat, images, and videos. Here is all about, “Withawonder, a Twitch streamer accused to groom young girls.”

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Withawonder, A Twitch Streamer Accused To Groom Young Girls

On the subreddit LivestreamFail, a user named WafflesAreExtinct posted a threat accusing Withawonder of grooming. The user used to follow Withawonder on his stream. One day, Withawonder messaged asking for the discord name of the user. Then after asking the user’s age, he sent a noisome video of him. However, the age of the user was 17, and also the user did not ask for anything.

Twitch Streamer Accused

According to the user, “I had this guy followed for some reason in 2018. I randomly got in his stream again and typed something in chat. I guess my name sounds like a girl’s name, so he instantly DMd me and wanted my discord name. He immediately asked for my age and I told him I was 17 and after that, he sent me a video of him $$$$ing off.”

Also according to his allegation, he gave his proof. What we see that Withawonder first asked the user’s name on discord and started an offensive conversation. And till the end of the conversation, we see that the total conversation was so unpleasant from Withawonder’s side.

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Then after knowing that the user is a boy, not a girl, Withawonder tried to bend the conversation saying he knew that the user is fake.

The evidence seems more strong after seeing Withwonder’s previous tweets what has been captured allegedly. The tweets are now deleted from Withawonder’s account.

After all these, Withawonder’s Twitter account does not exist anymore. However, he is still on the Twitch Stream. This is all about, “Withawonder, a Twitch streamer accused to groom young girls” for now. If we find more on this, we will update and let you know surely.

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