Updates in COD Mobile Season 5

Updates in COD Mobile Season 5
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There is a lot of updates in COD Mobile Season 5 to be introduced. along with three new maps, two new game modes, new weapons, and more. It is set to release globally on 28th June, 7 PM CT.

The fifth season of the game is called ‘IN DEEP WATER’. The Garena version of the game has released the initial patch though it is not officially released yet.

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Battle Pass Updates in COD Mobile Season 5

The new battle pass Updates in COD Mobile Season 5 will have 50 tiers. Each tier will offer unique rewards for the players upon reaching them.

Free Rewards

  • New prototype assault rifle: CR-56 AMAX
  • New operator skill: K9 Unit

Premium Rewards

  • New Blueprint Weapons: BK57 – Counter Stealth Unit, QXR – Close Catch, DR-H – Rebreather, CR-56 AMAX – Torpedo, and PP19 Bizon – Devilfish.
  • New epic characters: Rorke – Man Hunter, Roze – Foreshadow, Otter – Backstroke, and Merrick.
  • New legendary calling card: Eye of the Storm.

Battle pass Bundle Rewards

  • Calling Card: Wetworks
  • Frame: Dark Freeze
  • Avatar: Ghosts
  • Karambit: Black Ice

Seasonal Challenge Reward Updates in COD Mobile Season 5

There is several seasonal challenge reward updates in COD Mobile Season 5.

  • New shotgun: 725
  • New perk: Gung-Ho
  • New battle royale class: Rewind

Multiplayer Updates in COD Mobile Season 5

New Maps

3 new maps will also be introduced to the updates in COD Mobile Season 5.

  • Suldal Harbor- It will be a medium-sized tactical map arranged with shipping crates, narrow alleyways, and close quarter interiors. Supported in 5v5 and 10v10 play.
  • Docks- It will be a small-sized map with plenty of vertical play.
  • Aniyah Incursion- This map will locate in a luxurious palace interior surrounded by military supplies and housings.

New Game Modes

Two new multiplayer game mods are also confirmed to be launched in the new season.

  1. Cranked: Confirmed- This mode is a mix of Cranked and Kill Confirmed. Players will be eliminated if they do not get any kills within a particular time frame.
  2. Ground Mission- Ground mission is a new domination mode. The mode can be played on 10v10 with 5 individual captures point.

Optimizations and Adjustment Updates in COD Mobile Season 5

  • PP19 Bizon Range has been reduced.
  • Reduced the damage when the QXR is equipped with reinforcement bolts.
  • ASM10 Range has been slightly increased.
  • Reduce the damage of QXR without any accessories, increased the damage rate of hitting the chest, and slightly increased the bullet spread.
  • Slightly increased the opening speed of Locus equipped with the skeleton butt.
  • Slightly reduce the HP of the Hawk X3. Continuous firing will reduce the accuracy.

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