V17.30 Fortnite Battle Pass Season 7, Grab-Itron, Slurpy Swamp, LTM Etc

The new Fortnite Battle Pass Season 7 V17.30 Update has dropped in with the new weapon, POIs Slurpy Swamp, new Ltm, outfits, items and much more.

On 3rd August, Fortnite has released the official Fortnite battle pass season 7 V17.30 Update.

Fortnite Battle Pass Season 7 V17.30 Update

The new update contains the alien-based weapon called ”Grab-Itron”, destruction of the POI ”Slurpy Swamp”, installation of a new LTM called ”Team Brawl!” along with several bugs fixes and balance changes. Below is the full simple description of the new Fortnite V17.30 Patch Notes.

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Grab-Itron Abilities And Full Details

The new alien-based weapon Grab-Itron, which is also described by the Fortnite team as ”UFO in your hands” or ”Portable ordinary aircraft” is not your average, everyday shooting gun.

fortnite battle pass season 7

Grab-Itron abilities are simple, a weapon that sucks in a foreign object within it while carrying the object around and then shooting it with precise accuracy. Moreover, the new alien weapon abilities do not stop right there. In this Fortnite Battle Pass Season 7 update, Grab-Itron can also act as armour as players can resist damage through the object that has been sucked by Grab-Itron, but however, it will last temporarily as the damage will break the shield.

Besides, on a separate note, the Grab-Itron will not be available in competitive playlists.

Destruction of the POI Slurpy Swamp

So, basically, the Aliens infiltrate the Slurpy Swamp area and through a giant tractor beam, they destroy the entire place. Thus making Slurpy Swamp a great low-gravity fighting battle place. Although, the entire place is broken to pieces by the giant Mothership, there are still going to be much more progress, features and even events as mentioned by the team.

New LTM Team Brawl Going To be Added in Fortnite?

Starting on August 5th, 2021 at the time zone 9 AM ET. Team Brawl is a barbaric, exciting LTM as it will engage fight in a small circle with Limited Time Mode. And not only that, the new LTM also offers instant resurrection as players get spawned directly and that too by dropping off to the ground for instant action. Although Team Brawl requires players to finish off the match through 60 elimination before your opponent team, it still does not deny the fact that the new LTM is barbaric, violent and exciting!

fortnite battle pass season 7

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Apart from that, this fast mode also offers a new loadout each time player respawns. And also, these modes will take place at a single POI, where the POI’s buildings are much tougher than usual for better competition and cover in this update of Fortnite Battle Pass Season 7. Additionally, there is also a bit of a new feature added in LTM, where players can gain sight of opponents behind walls due to the gap in the lead point. And obviously, this effect or feature will also disappear as the huge gap is closed off.

Balance Changes That Have Been Added To the Game

By far, there are two changes done and they are as follows:

  • Pulse Rifle glitch damage fixed as players can now deal good damage to the opponents even while aiming down.
  • Increased damage, fire rate and accuracy in the Heavy Assault Rifle.

Bug Fixes Of Fortnite Battle Pass Season 7 V17.30

In total three major bug fixes have been solved and they are as follows:

  • Fixed the issue with the Fortnite ”3D Headphones” In Playstation 5, where players would have problems with the Stereo sounds spatializing ( making the sounds end up in 2D)
  • Vehicle radios bug fixed as it would work sometimes even though it is turned on.
  • Players can no longer drive vehicle in Prop state, as it results in disturbance

Apart from that, in this new Fortnite Battle Pass Season 7 update, there are also much more bugs, glitches, device fixes that have been fixed and added in the game with loads of others features, events etc.

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