Valorant 2.07 patch notes have been leaked: New Agent Astra is getting buffed

Valorant 2.07 patch notes have been leaked and in this patch, New Agent Astra is getting buffed. Raze and viper changes are coming also. Astra is the latest and newest agent of the game and it’s getting buffed.

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Valorant 2.07 patch notes- Astra Buff

After successfully upgrading Yoru and Viper on the 2.06 patch, Game officials are now changing their new agent Astra. Astra needed a buff because her Abilities were not doing so well.

Astra Buff- Gravity Well

You can now use it to drag the players off the spike to defuse. It’s looking a logical thing but she couldn’t do this when she was released. The game officials think that it will create some interesting gameplay for post plant where enemies try to bait out the gravity well and play around it’s cooldown.

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Raze and Viper are also getting some changes on the upcoming 2.07 patch.


Vipers Decay Ability had a bug that was fixed in this new patch. The bug was decay couldn’t damage enemies fully. This is fixed in the valorant 2.07 patch notes.


Audio cues are added when raze gets boosted on air from the blast pack. Explosions and showstopper VFX are updated. It’s more clearer now.

There are more bug fixes coming on Valorant 2.07 patch notes.

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