Valorant agent 14 abilities (New), Name, Leaks And Details- Stealth Everything?

Valorant new agent 14 got leaked and his name, abilities with in details are following.

How Valorant New Agent Has Been Leaked?

RIOT Games is going to release a new character in Valorant. Obviously players are eagerly waiting for this. There is an attraction on how the new agent will look like. Not only that, but also what will be the ability of that new agent. Now what happens is interesting. Valorant new agent ls shown on in in their game. Did you see it? No, maybe not. Because it was leaked in Brasilian Valorant Account. In other words, if you have Brasilian Valorant account, you can see it.

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The name of the new agent could be Pogger. Rumors are leaking and from the leaked information that is going around we can possibly guess the name it would be Pogger. The picture is blur. In other words, it is not clearly visible. You can definitely check out how it is look like.

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Ability (Valorant Agent 14 Abilities)

Valorant agent 14 abilities are quite interesting. One ability could be frieze ability in his hand. Obviously it is not unclosed, but the rumors are saying it. Also he will be duelist.

Ultimate Move (Valorant Agent 14 Abilities)

What would be his ultimate move? He could be able to solo stealth himself. Stealth X ability rumor is area invisible. The opponent will have to be careful when they are nearly to Pogger. Because Pogger will have the ability to stealth of the agents of the opponents.

Release Date

Pogger, new agent will be released with next upcoming patch in Valorant.

Reaction Of People When The agent Was Leaked

Valorant lovers are obviously happy because they are getting a new agent. Moreover, the Valorant agent 14 abilities are something unique. They are also thinking that what he could be. But some of the people’s reaction is different which is interesting. They think the leak was not actually was an accident. In contrast, RIOT Games are doing it intentionally. In League of Legends, many tease like this happened before. Now this is nothing new. So, overall we see a mixed reaction from the gamers who actually follow what is going on.


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