Valorant Agent 14 abilities: Yoru All New Abilities Showcased

Valorant new agent 14 that has been rumored to come has been showcased in the game with all his abilities. Looks are the devs are really pushing it. The expected release date is on January 12, 2021.

Name, Looks, And Outfit

The new agent’s name is Yoru. He looks bold with his spiky hair. Talking about his outfit, he wears a blue jacket with black pants. On his jacket and shoe, you can see an orange color stripe combination which gives a more elegant look. More or less, he is kind of looking like an Asian guy.

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Valorant Agent 14 All Abilities

Creating Footsteps

Talking about his first ability, he can create footsteps. The opponents can hear the sound of his footsteps. In other words, you can trick your opponents like that. But it is not showed that whether the opponents can see the footsteps on the map or not. When the opponents would hear the footsteps, they would mislead turning them in the wrong direction. Then that’s your chance to get them!

Using of Flash

The second ability of him is flash. It is all blue in color and only activates when it get bounces off of the ground or any surfaces like a building or anything. If you just throw the flash directly towards your opponents with free-falling for quick activation, then it is a waste. Because it won’t get activated.

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The third ability is teleportation. He can send fireballs to any spot and make him teleport to that area. This ability has a timer. During this time, you have to teleport. Also, you can teleport to that area anytime within the remaining time of the ability.

Ultimate- Agent 14 Ultimate Ability in Valorant

And the fourth and last ability is his ultimate. He can be invisible and invulnerable with his ultimate. Though we don’t know that if he could see the opponents when he uses his ultimate. In addition to this, if he is can become 100% invisible, the question remains.

So, Valorant lovers are so much excited about this new character. We can dig him more in his actual gameplay with opponents in Valorant.


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