Valorant Agent 15 Abilities In Details, Astral Form of Astra, Gravity Flow, Nova Pulse, Nebula And Cosmic Divide

This emphasizes the new Valorant Agent 15 abilities and how to use them properly and efficiently in your gameplay.

With the new agent coming in Valorant, everyone is excited. We know the new Agent 15, Astra nationality, and other details. But as it is a new Agent we do not know its true power and the proper way to use it. Here, below are the ways and names of her abilities.

Valorant Agent 15 Abilities

The new Valorant Agent 15 abilities are all about cosmic powers. Think of her as a spiritual being with the ability to wield cosmic power. Apart from being a Controller and a Radiant, she is an incredible and useful agent.

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She has in total 5 abilities. Which is the Astral form, Gravity Flow, Nova pulse, Nebula, and lastly the Cosmic Divide. The following details and functions of the abilities are as follows:

Astral Form

Astral form is one of the abilities of the new Agent where she is able to enter into a sort of spiritual form called the Astral form. In which players can activate just by simply pressing the ‘X’ button. But anyway, apart from that she can also use this ability with the stars with fire. Which later turns into her main abilities as we mentioned above.

Gravity Flow

Considering the Valorant Agent 15 abilities, this is an ability where players can activate a gravity wall. And allow their opponent to get attracted to it in the middle before exploding. Making the opponent trapped and helpless before the explosion. And in handy, during a sneak attack.

Nova Pulse

This ability helps to create a Nova pulse. Which firstly charges and then puts all the players surrounding it gets stunned.

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This one is by far the coolest one personally speaking. This ability enables the players to turn into Nebula smoke or something. And that’s not the best part of it. The best part of it is the dissipation ability. Which can be activated by just pressing the ‘F’ button. This one, first of all, starts off as smoke and then gradually disappears. Making it great for a surprise attack or for a defensive strategy.

Cosmic Divide

And lastly, the fascinating and exhilarating ability out of them all. The Cosmic Divide which players can activate in their astral form and before charging. If we had to see it in simpler terms, it is an ability where players aim at their opponent between two locations, creating a huge Cosmic barrier. And also blocking their bullets and dampening the audio. This one is also best in terms of offense and defense. But personally speaking, it is a sort of trump card, so players should use it wisely and it also needs to be charged.

Regardless, all of the new Valorant Agent 15 abilities are amazing, to be honest. But if I had to pick, I would pick the Cosmic Divide and Dissipation ability most often. This is because of their Support system and offensive features and others. Furthermore, Out if all Astra abilities, the Astral form is whole another level.

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