Valorant Agent 15 ‘Astra’ First Look Is Released, Trailer, Abilities, Leak Information And Details

Valorant New Agent 15, Astra is Finally here. Her name is ‘Astra’ The officials just released video footage of the New Agent.


The name of the new Valorant agent 15 is ‘Astra’.

It is the 15th number agent of the game. Based on the video footage its looking great and fans are giving positive reviews about it. This agent is completely new and her abilities are quite impressive.

Leak Information

Valorant Agent 15 ‘Astra’ is Leaked By the Russians again. They leaked some vital information earlier and they did it again.

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Valorant is the most Hyped and Famous FPS game right now. The Officials are always coming with new things and bug fixing. Trying to make the game as optimized as it could be. But This time they brought another Agent named Astra.


Valorant agent 15 is a female character. Her Abilities are impressive. She can use smokes, Pulling abilities, stun, and viper wall. If someone can utilize these abilities the right way it can be a game-changer. she can combo with omen, Reyna, and other duelists with her abilities.

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Looking at the hands, we can say obviously she inherits amazing power in her hand. Valorant team has made many agents before. However, this agent is obsessed in terms of design. Looks like some kind of magic is going to happen. Another interesting point is Valorant agent 15 has a signature color. And it is all purple. Just looking at the video, we can say that her ultimate contains a lot of potentials and strength.

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