Valorant Agent Deadeye Could Have Amplifying Gunplay Ability

valorant agent deadeye
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Valorant Agent Deadeye: Riot Games posted a new video with some sort of hint of a new agent Deadeye, titled Year One Anthem on June 21, 2021. During the video the appearance of a new character was spotted, which could possibly be an agent called Deadeye.

Just a few days ago they introduced the initiator Agent KAY/O. This robot character will most likely join at the end of this month. Now there’s a possibility that a new agent is not so far behind.

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Valorant New Agent Name

According to Valorant leaks, they stated on Twitter that the new agent is named ‘Deadeye’. This character resembles the look of a hitman, with a weapon in one hand.

Valorant Agent Deadeye Information

It is unclear if the weapon is only for Deadeye or it will be available to all the players. He was well dressed with specs. He also has a mark that could be a tattoo on his face. Riot has not stated anything about this new agent yet, we would probably see ‘Agent Deadeye’ with the release of Episode 3 Act 2.

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Valorant Agent Deadeye Ability

Deadeye could be a Duelist as the name implies. Also, this character agent might have some sort of ability that will amplify their gunplay. However, we did not get any information on what would be Deadeye’s ultimate ability.

When Agent KAY/O is a machine man in the war, the new Agent Deadeye looks different. You can say the agent has a different personality looking at him.

Riot showed a little clip on their video about the new Valorant Agent Deadeye. From the analysis and leaks, we got all this information about this new agent Deadeye. We will update as we get any information regarding this new agent.

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