VALORANT First Strike Tournament Releasing On October, 2020

Valorant’s first tournament, called the first strike, to be released in October this year.

Valorant is a multiplayer, intense first-person shooter game developed and published by RIOT GAMES, released officially on June 2nd, 2020. Finally after launching the game, they are releasing their first tournament. it will be named as ‘Valorant First Strike Tournament’ in particular. Know what they are planning and how they will do it.


Recently, the team has declared Valorant’s first tournament ‘The first strike.’ Now the valorant team has yet to give out the info about the registration, rules, policy and many more.


VAlorant First Strike Tournament is starting at the beginning of October. It will continue to 3rd December to 6th December. Riot Games organizes this event. The game will be played in many regions such as as-North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America, etc. John Needham, the Global Head of Esports and Whalen Rozelle, the senior director of Esports at Riot Games, says,

2020 was a breakthrough year for Valorant. Despite the pandemic, the Valorant launch has exceeded our wildest expectations, pushing us to dream bigger & accelerate all our plans’.

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The game had many competitions before, such as – Ignition series, local leagues, etc. But after the pandemic, this is their first tournament. This event will choose merit-based Qualifiers all over the world to compete and advance to the finals. Sixteen or above aged players are also allowed to play in the Qualifiers.

The team also worked closely with the Valorant anti-cheat team to figure out any suspicious behavior. Then they proceeded to the next step, investigate, and respond. They will continue to do so in the qualifiers round and finals as well. You can join the tournament by filling the registration form they offer. However, know the rules of the game before. So you can get a compete idea of the tournament.

So, what are your thoughts about the first tournament of Valorant?

For further information (registration, rules prize), you can stay updated on their official site. We will let you know also, the latest information we get. So keep an eye on our site.

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