Valorant Masters stage 2 Champion is here and it’s none other than Sentinels

Valorant Masters stage 2 Champion
Credit: Sentinels

Valorant Masters stage 2 Champion is here and it’s none other than Sentinels. After 6 days full of action the world finally got a champion. Sentinels the undefeated Champions of Valorant Masters stage 2 Reykjavík.

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The Grand finale of Valorant Masters stage 2 Champions are Sentinels from the North American region. The final score of the match is 3-0. Both teams Played excellently. But Sentinels Had the upper hand. They are the undefeated Valorant Masters stage 2 Champion.

Valorant Masters stage 2 Champion, Sentinels Vs Fnatic-Best of 5

The final score of the match is 3-0. Sentinels won back to back 3 maps.

  • 1st map Split- 15-13
  • 2nd map Bind- 16-14
  • 3rd map Haven- 13-11

Sentinels Lineup

  • Tyson ‘Tenz’ Ngo
  • Shahzeeb ‘ShahZaM’ Khan
  • Hunter ‘Sick’ Mims
  • Jared ‘Zombs’ Gitlin
  • Michael ‘Dapr’ Gulino

Fnatic Lineup

  • Jake ‘Boaster’ Howlett
  • James ‘Mistic’ Orfila
  • Domagoj ‘Doma’ Fancev
  • Martin ‘Magnum’ Penkov
  • Nikita ‘Derke’ Sirmitev

The Grand finale of Valorant Masters stage 2 Reykjavík was full action and clutches. We have witnessed few critical clutches.

Valorant Masters stage 2 Champion
Credit: Sentinels

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Sen & Fnatic- Journey To the Valorant Masters stage 2 Finals

Valorant Masters stage 2 Champion
Credit: Riot Games

Fnatic was defeated by Sentinels in the early stage of the tournament but after that, they secured a position in the lower bracket finals. Fnatic played against Nuturn Gaming from Korea and won against them.

Fnatic vs Nuturn Gaming from the lower bracket finals was really mind-blowing. It was a best of 3 games. So 1 team had to win 2 matches to secure the Grand finale spot.

Fnatic vs Nuturn Gaming lower bracket finals

First Map- Bind

The first map was bind where Fnatic won with a score of 13-8. Fnatic played really well against Nuturn in this map. The first half score was FNC 8-4 NU (Naturn Gaming). The 2nd half was far more intense than the 1st half. Allow and Lakia from Nuturn Gaming took some critical rounds in this map. But the outcome was not in their favor. In the end, Fnatic won the 1st map against Nuturn Gaming with a score of 13-8. Doma and Derke from Fnatic dominated the first map playing with Raze and Sova. The final individual score of the first map-

Fnatic- Map Bind

  • FNC Doma K/D/A – 18/14/10
  • FNC Derke K/D/A – 16/13/9
  • FNC Magnum K/D/A – 16/16/7
  • FNC Mistic K/D/A – 15/14/7
  • FNC Boaster K/D/A – 14/13/0

Nuturn Gaming- Map Bind

  • NU Lakia K/D/A – 18/15/7
  • NU Suggest K/D/A – 17/17/1
  • NU Peri K/D/A – 16/13/4
  • NU Allow K/D/A – 12/17/1
  • NU Solo K/D/A – 7/18/7

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Map 2 Ascent

2nd map of the lower bracket final was far more interesting than the 1st map. Because the korean team Nuturn Gaming won this map. The final score was 13-8. Allow and Peri from the Nuturn Gaming played mind blowing and because of their individual play the team won this map. The top fragger of this map was Allow from Nuturn Gaming. He played with jett and his average combat stats was more than 300. His K/D/A through-out this match was 23/13/4. But Derke from Fnatic gave his best playing with jett. His Average combat stats was 357 and his final K/D/A was 25/16/4. Both team played really well but in the end Nuturn Gaming won the 2nd map.

So it was do or die situation for both teams. Whoever wins the final map goes to the Grand finale.

Final Map- Haven

The final map was won by team Fnatic. This match was full of action. Both team and each player gave their best to secure the grand finale spot. The final score was 13-8. Boaster from team Fnatic dominated this map with Astra. His shooting and ability usage was really good in this match. Derke from Fnatic proved that he was the best duelist in the lower bracket final. Claiming back to back 2 MVP’s picking Jett.

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Sentinels Upper bracket Finals

However Sentinels won each and every matches through-out the tournament. Sentinels beats Nuturn Gaming in the Upper bracket Finals with a score of 2-0. Sentinels Absolutely dominated Nuturn Gaming and send them to Lower bracket Finals where they met Fnatic.

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